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A step-by-step guaranteed system for running a hugely successful event fundraiser including samples, templates and proven real-world strategies garnered from 30 years experience. 

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"How To Write Successful Proposals & Applications For Grants" shows you how to develop grant applications that are educative and informative ... proposals that stand out, are professionally presented, concise and get positive results.? This new, valuable and down-to-earth manual shows you how to develop applications that are Clearer, logical and easier to read and understand. Processes you were never taught at College.

Essentials for what it takes to start a Women's Group. Whether you are looking at doing this for your church or through another non-profit organization, this is a must read. 

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Are You Getting Your Share? Foundation assets have grown by over 500% since 1975 and continue to grow. Finding foundations that will support your programs and knowing how to approach them makes it easy to get your share!

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